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Wham! Review by Mark Allen North

Borel Guest Review, Mark Allen North

Wham! Timewalker Book 1 (Carol Marrs. Phipps) Cover

Wham! Is the first book I’ve read by Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps. At first, the story moved so fast I felt a bit disjointed with so many characters requiring attention. However, reflecting on how I might relate to the reader if my parents and sister were bludgeoned by “Children and Family Assistance,” as was the case with Tess, I too would find it hard to grasp the fantasy. Describing the experiences suffered under the corruption, power, greed, and sexual proclivity of the police forces leaves the reader to forge on to see how much worse the dystopian fantasy will develop. The additions of Drake and Bart (the Skinwalker) and, finally, Maxi the troll provide further examples of the ruthlessness of their horrible quandary. Readers seeking stories with darkness and evil plots aligned with the fantasy of love will be gripped by the terrible experiences of both Tess and Nia. I love Tess’s brave and powerful reliance on her strong familial ties as she fights the evil in her unwelcome surroundings. The characters are well developed and relatable. The plot moves quickly, but becomes more clear the deeper we go. I think this novel would appeal to a wide variety of people, especially young adults and fantasy mavens. Anxious, I am, to read Book #2 of the Time Walker series. Good show, Carol and Tom. I look forward to your skill in crafting more tale-bearing passages into delightful stories.


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