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STEPEHN GEEZ’s FANTASY PATCH: Intrigue-Replete, Heart-Racing Read Review by Helen Borel,MFA,PhD

A Five Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stephen Geez’s FANTASY PATCH is a most wonderful book given to me as a birthday present by a colleague in one of my professions-> Medical Writing in Rx Pharmaceuticals. I found Geez’s novel to be fiction at its very best for FANTASY PATCH is a fast-paced, muscular work jam-packed with wordings that form pictures in your brain. I, myself, actually “felt” the movement in the story and in the characters’ actions because of the writer’s mastery of imagery and pacing. Scenes change swiftly, like rapidly rotating flashcards; yet are crafted so seamlessly by the writer that you, the reader, don’t notice that you’ve been transported forth until several sentences into the next scene.

FANTASY PATCH is a page-turner from even before Chapter One. Because the author leaves the reader on a perilous cliff-hanger as the Prologue winds forward, propelling you, the reader, suspensefully into the guts of this unusually thrilling novel.

I don’t want to reveal the plot or too much of the subject here. I want to leave that excitement for you readers to discover yourselves, as I did with surprises abounding. Hintingly, though, it’s thick with Advertising Agency, Television Industry, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing intrigue. And richly drawn characters inhabit Stephen Geez’s FANTASY PATCH world with unforgettable names of both individuals and corporations, ingredients that thicken the underlying poetic sensibility inherent in this unique piece of literature.

The main character, our hero, Dante’ Roenik, an advertising genius and television pro, is both observer and commentator as he relates the multifarious and multi-various events that occur almost nonstop in FANTASY PATCH. And his commentary often slips and dips into plays on words, humor, historical reference and fantastical reference, further enriching an intriguing story written by a uniquely talented voice.

So much suspense and exciting action, I read it on the edge of my seat. Big Pharma, Pharm Ad Agency Intrigue, Characters galore.  A great gift book and a reading adventure for everyone. Readers who buy FANTASY PATCH should prepare for a non-putdownable experience. Helen Borel,MFA,PhD



A+ Imprint Blue Plate


10 thoughts on “STEPEHN GEEZ’s FANTASY PATCH: Intrigue-Replete, Heart-Racing Read Review by Helen Borel,MFA,PhD”

  1. Stephen Geez is a skilled writer and a fantastic storyteller. I’ve read this book and many others by him. So good to see him getting five star reviews. Those are earned.

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  2. Fantastic is just the right word for Stephen’s FANTASY PATCH, A.J. (I also reviewed one
    of his GEEZWRITER tutorials and will be posting that soon, too. In that regard, it’s about
    his skill at nonfiction.) Nice to see you here A.J.

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  3. So true, Wendy. Once I was in (really, I felt IN IT) FANTASY PATCH, I felt transported into a
    world, both fictional and familiar. The latter because of my medical nursing background and my 18 years as a medical copywriter on “MEDICINE AVENUE”. Thus, while most knowledgeable about med/psych/pharm subjects, and having worked in hospitals and medical ad agencies, and fully schooled about Big Pharma, I truly felt a realistic momentum, on diverse platforms in Geez’s book as he artfully soothes, then jolts the reader into varied fictional scenes that feel so real. Of course, his multiple careers, I’m sure, contribute to his fabulous fictional and instructional writing diversities.


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